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One API to update their Card-On-File everywhere

Allow your users to save your card as their primary payment method everywhere they pay or shop online, in less than a minute, without ever leaving your environment.

We make your card top of wallet as soon as it's issued.

Backed by leading investors and innovators in the Fintech space.

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Make it easy for your customers to switch all their spending to your card

Every month, individuals and businesses of all sizes pay for countless subscriptions, memberships, and services online. Becoming the default card for all these recurring transactions will put you miles ahead of your competition.

Designed for all cards

Business Banking

A medium-size business spends on average $2.5M every year across dozens of apps and SaaS solutions. Make sure they use your card everywhere, every time.

Consumer Banking

People subscribe to Netflix, pay their Comcast bill, ride with Uber, order on Amazon, reload their Starbucks card... with their card on file. Let your users save your card everywhere at once.

Banking as a Service

Help your customers increase card usage, spend, and transaction volume by adding Sunlight to your offering.

Increase card spend and usage from Day 1

Immediately boost transaction volume by getting your cards into circulation faster and in more places.

Capture more interchange revenue while saving your account holders precious time.

Gain control and visibility

Embed Sunlight anywhere on your customer journey to encourage users to save your card.

Receive notifications in real-time every time your card is saved in a new service.

Increase user engagement

Allow your users to save their card details anywhere, in less than a minute, without ever leaving your environment.

Reward users for updating your card in multiple services.

How it works

By developers, for developers

Get your users to first transaction faster, with just a few lines of code.

Secure, stable and privacy-first

We’re serious about safeguarding data. Protecting personal information is our top priority.

We’re compliant with the highest security and privacy standards.

From new card to first transaction in no time

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